With over 34 million asthmatics in the United States,

of these about 7 million children, asthma is no longer a problem which can be ignored. 

Boy coloring Asthma BookIt is:

      The leading chronic (long term) illness in children.

   Annually, nationwide there are over:

      10.5 million physician visits

      2 million emergency room visits

      14 million school days missed 

      11 billion dollars spent on treatment

Seven percent of all children are afflicted.

The asthma epidemic is most severe in lower income and minority families and there is higher frequency in boys than girls. 

Asthma causes nearly 5,500 deaths nationwide each year, twice the amount of two decades ago, and in children, deaths have quadrupled in the same period of time.

In Riverside County there were about 366,000 people diagnosed with asthma in Riverside County (according to the 2009 California Health Interview Survey UCLA Center for Health Policy Research).  The cost for treatment in our county is over 8 million dollars.

Additional Resource:

The Positive Impact of Conducting Asthma Home Visits and Establishing Asthma Clinical Systems - Statistics on asthma in Riverside County; information on our program, goals and accomplishments (17 pages, PDF, 2MB)

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